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Jrock Loser
Why have a social life when you can be a Jrock Loser?
16th-May-2010 10:51 pm
Random: coconut
Hey guys? Remember me? Remember jrockloser? No? That's okay.

The community pretty much died well over a year ago. Right now, revanlady and I are trying to correct this.

I doubt anyone has noticed thus far, but I have deleted all of the old entries and have taken away posting access for all members that aren't moderators for this community. Right now, I am in the process of redoing all the tags.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen . . . revanlady and I (and possibly the other mods) are revamping jrockloser. We'll have a new look, new format, and hopefully a bunch of new and old members that actually participate. The new jrockloser might be nothing like the old one, or it might be exactly like the old one. As of right now, we have no idea.

If you guys have any concerns, questions, ideas . . . anything really . . . comment here. I'll answer within 24 hours of your inquiry and I look forward to having your help making jrockloser be the best place full of losers on LJ.

Stay tuned, folks!

Who needs a social life?