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17th-May-2010 08:35 am
Random: coconut
Okay guys, so while I was going through and deleting posts on here, I found a great deal of amazing things. One of those things was my old mediafire account. So while you're all waiting on us to figure everything out, I'd give you a treat. Now, it's nothing new. It's been posted here before many times, but maybe it will tide you over.

Trailers [GOLD].zip
Trailers [SILVER].zip

Now just so you know, MediaFire has been having a bit of a problem, it seems.
It keeps popping up with "This page cannot be found..."
And at the end of it is this error listed:
HTTP Error 404 - File or directory not found

There's nothing wrong with the links. I just downloaded them myself, so they ARE there. To get to them, you might have to click on them two or three times before it'll let you download. Just a heads up.

Thanks, you guys, for your patience. We'll be up and running again as soon as possible.
But until then, how about we make this a music-sharing post? If any of you are members of sexy_mood_music, you'll know how this works. Just post whatever you'd like to share with us in comments. It can pictures, music, videos, photoshop images like icons and banners... anything as long as it's jrock-related. BETTER YET... post some links to other jrock communities and your fan fiction, as well. FREE FOR ALL.

So, guys, how about it? I, for one, am behind on jrock. Has anything new been released? We're all just dying to know.
Who needs a social life?