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Jrock Loser

Why have a social life when you can be a Jrock Loser?

Jrock Losers!
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This is a Losers only community devoted to the overall appeal of Japanese rock and the men behind the music. Why have a social life when you can be a Jrock Loser?

This community was set up by revanlady so she could have a place to geek out and share her love of Jrock. And so now the Loser population has grown to over 200 members. Please read the rules before you become a Loser!

~This is a community of sharing all things JROCK!!! Whether it be stories, pictures, magazine or photobook scans, music, PV's, graphics, etc.-It all happens here.

~If you decide to join our fun and post, please do not hotlink from someone else's site. If you are going to post something, please have it be something you uloaded yourself. Don't be rude. If you post scans that you did not scan yourself, please give credit to whoever it was that scanned them in the first place.

~Please also do not steal anyone's fanfic and post it here unless you have their permission. We are also not responsible if your work gets stolen >.<

~COMMENT IF YOU TAKE STUFF. It takes effort to scan pictures, upload music and make icons. So if you are going to take something, comment and credit. THIS IS A MUST. IF YOU ARE CAUGHT NOT DOING SO YOU WILL BE BANNED.

~Have fun, be nice. We really want this community to be awesome. This is supposed to be a place to have fun and be with friends. NO DRAMA plz thnx!! Don't complain. Don't flame, or be rude. We will kick you out.

~We'd sure appreciate it if you'd spread the word about the community. You can use the banners located here, here and here. More banners on the way...

revanlady is the witless princess from deep in the Atlantic ocean. She feeds off of Photoshop and if you stare too long she will use her force powers on you.
FANCRAZY- LM.C, Nightmare, D'espairsRay

yinyaya is a dragon from Wales. She hides in the mountains and only appears, bright pink as ever, when the magic words are spoken.
FANCRAZY-Miyavi, The Gazette

bakacoconut69 is a coconut who travels the western US by night with her three shadows. You will most likely find her in swimming in a pool of caffiene.
FANCRAZY-Gackt, HYDE and Malice Mizer

iceysparks is the Smo from the O. The resident n00b but with great taste she pulls the others from their obsessions and shows them new things.
FANCRAZY- D'espairsRay, Rentrer en Soi, and Dir en Grey

We do not own the artists!! Remember that when you read our fanfics or capped pictures. Music downloaded here is supossed to be used for sampling. What you do with it after 24 hours is at your own discretion.
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